Candy Corn Cookies

The kids and I spent some time in the kitchen this past weekend.  Wanna see what we did??  

Candy Corn Sugar Cookies.  You can get the detailed instructions over at Our Best Bites and my sugar cookie recipe here.

Side note:  Our Best Bites is one of my favorite websites EVER!  These ladies have wonderfully simple recipes that are also delicious.  They haven't failed to impress me yet.  

Back to the cookies...
The kids had a wonderful time coloring the sugar cookie dough.  Henry said it tasted lots better than play-dough.  (I thought we had gotten past eating the play-dough, but I may have been wrong.)  And I'd rather have a tray full of these than real candy corn any day.  Put in a cute little jar with some fall ribbon and you'd even have a great gift!

Happy Fall!  

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