Kid Quotes

We've all heard that kids say the darnedest things, but I never really believed it until I had my own.  Now with 2 talking kids...I hear it all...and now you can too.  (Most recent are posted first)

Halloween 2011
Henry (while eating Skittles):  I'm going to toot rainbows after all this!  

Almost daily for the past month
Henry (after being disciplined):  Mom, your eyes look very mean and old today.

Our sitter relayed this one to me and I just had to share.
Annika (in her best "so annoyed with my little brother" voice):  Henry you don't even know what a scared-y cat is!  Its a cat that's a chicken!
Henry:  Are you kidding me, Annika?

You know how after awhile you don't really think about what a word means, or how someone else might take a meaning for a word??  Kids are always there to remind us...
During a discussion about working at a restaurant, Annika said, "So boys are called waiters?  No wonder they are always waiting for us girls...that's what God made them for!"