Bring on the Cake

I've been keeping busy with cakes over the last couple of months and thought I'd share some of the pictures.  I'm not a professional by any means, but have a blast doing it none-the-less.

First up was a groom's cake.  My only instruction was for it to be fireman themed with paramedic in there somewhere as well.

It was cute and fun and rumor has it they loved it!

Last weekend I did a small wedding cake with cupcakes for some friends.  My only instructions for this one was that it needed to be lactose free.  It was my first time making lactose free frosting, but it turned out quite well and the taste was very nice.

I decided to use the large decorative cupcake wrappers, but probably wouldn't waste my time with them in the future.  As they cooled, the cake separated from them and looked terrible.  Thank goodness for frosting!!!  They were using the verse, "My soul has found the one I love," (from Solomon 3:4), so that was written around the cake.  And my dad made the cake stand for me (thanks, Dad!!) and let me keep it for future use.  Win-win for me on that one!

Yesterday was my dear niece's 6th birthday and it was Tangled all the way!

(My apologies for the washer hook up in the background...I was NOT moving the cake again)

The tower was a bit of a headache, but we got it worked out.  And Grace was very pleased, so this was a success as well!

So, there's my cake month in review.  Hope you enjoy looking!

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