What's for Dinner?

I used to have a major organizing problem...as in...I spent way too much time organizing.  Some may argue there's no such thing as too much organization...oh, you have no idea!

Then a couple things happened.  The first is known as "Annika"...the second "Henry".
Now, I'm kind of on the opposite end of the spectrum (not necessarily because I want to be).  I just can't keep up...it never ends.  It will end...but not for another...(quick math)...15 years.  

In an attempt to keep somewhat sane...and save on groceries...and not eat out all the time...I plan my suppers.  I haven't done great with it this summer, but I'm getting back on track.  I need to...my bank account needs it...my brain needs it...I think my Husband needs it too.  

This week's a little unusual in that I get to go spend a weekend away with my girlfriends (I can't wait!!!).  But it makes for a short week in planning.  

Here it is:

Sunday - Orange Chicken (not a huge success...it was a little overpowering in the vinegar department) 
Monday - Grilled Chicken (based on this tuorial)
Tuesday - Pork Quesadillas with Sweet Corn Salad
Wednesday - Slow Cooker meatballs with pasta
Friday - Off to my weekend away!  Ryan doesn't have an organizational issue...so he won't be doing any planning.  :)

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