Kitchen Happenings

A lot of cooking and baking has been going on in my kitchen lately.  Trouble is...I forget to take pictures...or the kids are "starving", so I just feed them and don't bother with the pictures.  
But...I still want to share some of my favorites with you.  They'll just have to be links to other people's sites rather than posting them on my own.  So in no particular order...

from Simply Organized Living
These are delicious!!  And so easy.  We used brown and serve rolls with ham and american and some with turkey and american.  I also left out the poppy seeds (that would have been a melting point for the kids).  These would be great for a crowd and the filling possibilities are endless.

from The Kitchen Sink
All I can say is "Oh Yum!"  I love all Mexican food...in a "could eat it every day" kind of love.  But this was a first time for me.  And it was so worth the effort of making it.  Like she says, you could substitute the ground beef and pork sausage with ground chicken and turkey sausage or whatever kind of ground meat you like to use.  Its all the other flavors that really make this what it is.  I made 1-inch meatballs, but will make them about half the size next time (I don't like to have to cut things up in my soup.)

from Jamie Cooks It Up!
The kind of dish my kids won't fuss about when they hear I'm making it.  I did not have cream of chicken soup at home when I made this, so I improvised on the sauce and did more of a "swedish meatball sauce" to go with it.  You could certainly skip the sauce altogether though.  

from My Baking Heart
This was the perfect combination to satisfy my Mexican desires and the kids picky mouths.  They'll eat any and all of the "bubble" recipes.  {They just really like biscuits I think...and who can blame them!!}
Perfect after work meal, because its quick and easy!  

from Once a Month Mom
You know when your potatoes are starting to sprout?  And you really don't want to put them outside for the deer?  And the only potatoes your kids will eat are mashed potatoes or hashbrowns from McDonalds?  Enter freezer mashed potatoes!  I made this about a week ago and pulled out the first one on Wednesday to have for supper.  I wasn't sure how the texture would be coming from the freezer, but they were delicious.  

I think that's it for sharing today.  Hopefully you found some inspiration for your own kitchen.  
Have a great weekend!  

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